Erin K - Happiness

RUNTIME: 4:05 min



A music video exploring themes of liberation and rebirth inspired by Celtic Folklore.




This is part of an ongoing collaboration with Erin K.  This song traces the journey of happiness personified in the form of a character seeking companionship. It's about our inability to engage with certain emotions, even the joyful ones, for various reasons.

Erin K - Assholio 

RUNTIME: 3:14 min



When Beautiful Monkey gets rudely awoken by some drilling, he jumps on his trusty ass to try and find some peace.




This is part of an ongoing collaboration with Erin K.  Erin is an anti-folk music artist who also sketches hybrid animals.  We just help her bring them to life in a sketchbook style.  There's more to this video than the title and surreal imagery suggests; It has a rich vein of humour along with some strong storytelling.  The end aesthetic result is somewhere in between a super detailed animatic and a simplistic animation.

One eskimO 


RUNTIME: 42 min



An eskimo must travel to find his lifelong love who has been kidnapped. His quest sends him into an amazing realm where he must defy danger and conquer evil to reclaim his love. A cutting-edge experience of music and visuals.




Gravy Media created the One eskimO brand and developed the visuals and series treatment.  We designed the world and produced the first 2 videos independently.  Then the brand received some investment from Warner Premiere to produce the full series.   The One eskimO brand won several awards including the British Animation Awards 'Public Choice Award' and The Chysalis Digital Media Award at BAFTA (on top of making it into official selection at Annecy, Trix, Anima Mundi and many more international festivals). 

One eskimO - Chapter 1: A lost Love


One eskimO - Chapter 2: A Dream Revealed


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