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Depending on your requirements & objectives we can help you decide whether to build a hybrid app, web based app or a native app.  Below is a breakdown of the main types of applications we make.  If you would like to discuss your application requirements in more detail then you can reach us on     

Product Apps

These apps are designed to extract £££ & $$$! A huge range of apps fall into this category from Games to Comics & Utilities.  The focus with these apps is to persuade people to pay on initial download or free initial app with in-app upgrades. 

Franchise Apps & Motion Comics

Designed for existing brands in order to attract more customers (or in the case of films and TV shows; attract more viewers).  They are generally not so focused on monetization, more for audience building, creating prospects & loyal customers. 


Enterprise / Internal Apps

Typically these types of apps are to assist either sales or after sales and administration.  They are results focused and orientated around making internal processes more efficient so organizations can focus on being more productive. 

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