Based in Cork, we are highly skilled content creators and storytellers with experience in film, design, animation & building software applications.


To produce beautifully rich content that entertains whilst serving our clients and society.



Metaphors and subtext are extremely important when story telling and brand building, which is why we included them in our own brand.  

Gravy's place in slang is positive 'It's all Gravy' meaning; 'it's all good' also 

'Life is meat and potatoes, and the luxuries are gravy'.

So we feel the word Gravy represents us well as we want to help companies put the polishing touches onto their own brands and companies, whether it be by helping them with their logos, videos or websites.

Also we are massive fans of Wavy Gravy (born Hugh Nanton Romney).  He is one of the Godfathers of improvisational ritual theatre and described as "The illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Theresa", an activist for peace and equality who’s devoted his life to positive social change.  Our company’s social philosophy is based on one of our favorite Wavy Gravy quotes:


"When you get to the very bottom of the human soul, where the nit is slamming into the grit and you're sinking, but you reach down to help someone that's sinking worse than you are... then everybody gets high!"



— Dr.Bernhard Schmitz, Massey Ferguson, AGCO

"Nathan got to know our C3000 terminal for GPS operations inside and out and created a HTML simulator for it in 6 languages for AGCO dealerships and customer service departments.  He offered such value and reliability in his production and delivery that we repeated the business with him on future versions".

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